Christmas Sun in Africa

Christmas Sun in Africa

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Christmas Sun in Africa

Africa is a large and varied continent, and though some areas of it are politically turbulent and best avoided by the casual tourist, there are plenty of other countries where in it possible to have amazing Christmas breaks in glorious sunshine. Here are just a few suggestions for places to go this winter:


Madagascar’s island beaches are gloriously undeveloped, so head to Nosy Be, Nosy Komba or Nosy Tsarabanjina for secluded paradise island getaways. On the main island of Madagascar itself, the staggering diversity of the landscape will leave you open mouthed. Explore the rainforests, savannah, rice fields, giant Baobabs and beautiful beaches, and you will catch glimpses of the unique bio-diverse fauna of these amazing landscapes.

South Africa:

You may come to South Africa for the wildlife, the cities and culture, or the scenery, but be aware that round the Cape there are also some stunning beaches to be found for a more traditional sort of winter sun holiday. The temperatures are not as high as in other parts of the continent, but they are pleasant, and the sheer quantity of things to see and do should be incentive enough to come to this varied and interesting country.


Tanzania offers amazing combinations of sun, sea and sand on the mainland, and on islands off the coast including Mafia and Pemba, and the semi-autonomous heavenly island of Zanzibar. There are a range of beach holidays to be had in this region which are suitable for a range of budgets. By shopping around it is possible to find some excellent deals in this region.


The many white-sand beaches and colourful reefs teeming with life make the coastline and islands of Mozambique a well-known and popular holiday destination for fun in the sun and beach holidays. The two main areas of interest to sun-loving holiday makers are the Quirimbasin to the north, and the Bazaruto Archipelago to the south.


The perfect way to relax before or after you take a traditional Kenyan safari is to visit one of the many beautiful sandy beaches on the coast and relax in the shade of a coconut palm as you watch your troubles drifting out to sea. The clear waters off the Kenyan coast are also perfect to dive in, so whether you are a beginner or advanced, explore the world of the exotic life found beneath the sea as well as the life found on land.

Wherever you go in Africa, you are sure to find a warm welcome from the people as well as the weather, and will discover parts of a continent poorly understood by those outside it. Yes, Africa has its problems, but in the above places, as well as many others, it is very possible and likely that you will encounter just as many feel-good success stories. In any case, you are likely to come away with a better sense of the country you visit and its people. So why not book your African adventure today?

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