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Visit Cyprus In 2015

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If you’re looking for an active holiday balanced with plenty of authentic local culture, Visiting Cyprus could
be just the thing.

This enchanting island is always popular with tourists, mainly because of its gorgeous scenery and wide range of
outdoor activities. Rural Cyprus view with fields and sea There are more than 50 beaches on the island that have
a been Blue Flagged for their cleanliness and safety.

You’ll find that the surroundings and the colour of the sand vary depending on where you are, Larnaca has dark
sands, while the famous Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa has golden grains. If you prefer your sunbathing to be
secluded and more private, head to the Lara coast for quieter spots.

Get to know Cyprus’s special breed of wild sheep, the males have very distinctive horns. See moufflon`s in
the wild or in special forest enclosures where they’re cared for by locals. Corsica or Sardinia have similar
animals there. Take your children they will enjoy seeing the moufflon and watching them feed.

Visit Aphrodite’s Rock in Paphos, this is where the goddess of beauty and love was said to have been born.
They believe if you swim around it three times you’ll be granted eternal beauty… or you could
just take some cool photos from dry land, if you’re happy just the way you are :)

Inland, the Troodos Mountains have several great walking and hiking trails. Many being Atalante circles around
Mount Olympus, or there are linear trails through villages and beauty spots, don`t worry
about getting lost, there will always be a route for you to follow, plan your adventure and get a local map :)

Ayia Napa is amazing for partying, with the highest concentration of clubs and bars, if you’re a fan
of dance music then you’ll really feel at home here. Or maybe you fancy lounging with a sophisticated cocktail
instead of joining in with an all-night party, you can find something to suit your tastes.

Now that you’re all fired up and you’ve got yourself in the holiday mood, have a look at our cheap holidays to
Cyprus and get booking your well-deserved break :). You’ll never be bored on this fun-filled island.

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