Edinburgh, City of Many Moods

Edinburgh, City of Many Moods

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Edinburgh is a surprising place of many moods, changing hour by hour as the weather shifts and turns over the seven hills of the city. It is a magical place, which lives and breathes history.

Sometimes, during the famous Festival, held every August, it is sunny and vibrant, its interesting winding streets thrumming with music and culture. Crowds throng over cobbles and mill too and fro with talk and laughter. Bagpipes fill the air with their strident, challenging wails, street artists perform, vendors and pamphleteers cry their wares, and above them all, the gulls from the Firth of Forth cry out their excitement. Be sure to sample some of the varied delights of the Festival Fringe, and you are sure to want tickets for some of the Festivals many shows. There is something for everyone.

When the main tourist season of the summer is over, Edinburgh shows its gentile, graceful charm. Locals leave the classy stone terraces and walk to local tea shops for a ‘blether’, stop in at a deli for a sandwich on their way home. Students walk across The Meadows, stopping to chat to friends playing a ball game on the grass, going to classes and then of course, to the pubs in the gloaming of the evenings.

At other times, the dark stones close in and the mists and damp draw the city in on itself. Edinburgh at these times feels full of its ghosts and walking through its closes and wynds, looking at the Gothic architecture and solid, tightly-packed stone buildings can be an adventure into that darker other-world that feeds the Celtic imagination. There is a lot of pleasure to be had in wandering through this melancholy beauty.  Perhaps also, these kinds of days are perfect to look deeper into Edinburgh’s past, and the darkness underneath. Visit the City Vaults, with their dark and tragic history of human habitation, crime, and body-snatching, or the theatrical tour of gruesome side of Scottish history at the Edinburgh Dungeon. Perhaps you would like to take a guided Ghost Tour, and maybe you will meet some of Edinburgh’s former inhabitants.

Whenever you visit, Edinburgh is a compact city best seen on foot. Walk along the Royal Mile at the heart of the city, and visit the Castle on the Rock, climb to the high vantage points in Holyrood Park, Salisbury Crags and Arthur’s Seat, picnic in Princes Street Gardens or visit one of the many museums. Shop in the eccentric boutiques of Cockburn Street, and explore the Grassmarket. Try a whisky in one of the many welcoming hostelries, or maybe even crawl the pubs and sample all the Scottish real ales you can find. You will find fine restaurants and plenty of places for good, cheap grub if you leave the main tourist drags. So take the time to explore a little wider and further.


Just wander, and surrender to Edinburgh’s embrace.


You are bound to fall in love with this unique and mutable city.

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