Top 10 Things To Do In Marrakech

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1. Go to a hammam

You can’t visit Marrakech without enjoying the luxury of a hammam. It’s a different experience to a spa in
the Western world – prepare to be asked to strip down to your underwear for a good scrub. Warm water will
be splashed over you before you’re rubbed with body scrub .Next a relaxing massage which will have you
floating out of the hammam, smelling heavenly.


2. Eat from a market stall


The market stalls in the main souk have an array of Moroccan food that you can eat fresh. Don’t be put off
by street food – it’s some of the best to be found in Marrakech. Eating at the stalls is much cheaper than
one of the overpriced restaurants that line the squares, and the food will be cooked fresh while you wait.


3. Visit the Atlas Mountains


A few hours’ drive outside of Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains are a sight to behold. The temperature can
drop, so bring a jumper or a coat, and wear your best walking shoes. The path up the mountain is rocky an
you cross small bridges over the streams that run down the side of the mountain. Views from the mountains
is spectacular and well worth a day trip.


4. Venture into the new town

As I mentioned, the new town is very different from the old town, but still enjoyable. There are many
boutiques to browse and the area has more of a French influence than the old town, with many tasty
patisseries to try!


5. Go to the Majorelle Garden


Not to be missed in the new town is the Majorelle Garden – the garden was owned by fashion designer Yves
Saint Laurent and when he died in 2008, his ashes were scattered in the garden.


6. Drink tea

Being a Muslim country, alcohol isn’t easy to come by, but the tea in Morocco is delicious :) . Although
it might not be an alcoholic substitute for many, in the hot weather, a Moroccan mint tea can be
surprisingly refreshing.


7. shop in the souks

The shops have many a bargain`s but you have to be prepared to haggle to get the price right. It’s even
expected of you! As a rule, halve the price first thrown at you and barter from there.


8. Relax on a roof terrace

There are many roof terraces in Marrakech and if you’re happy to relax, There is quite a few in the main
square from which you can sit back, tea in hand, and watch the hustle and bustle unfold down below.


9. Visit the Musée de Marrakech


As well as learning about the history of Marrakech, A visit to the Musée de Marrakech will give you a
chance to appreciate some of the city’s finest architecture. The museum is at the Dar Menebhi Palace, It
was built at the end of the 19th century and is a spectacular example of classic Andalusian architecture.


10. Marvel at the mosaics



One beautiful thing about Morocco is the beautiful mosaics that are everywhere. Many of the museums and
hotels have pools in the centre of their courtyards, and decorating the floors and the walls are stunning
mosaic artworks.

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