Half-Term Holiday Ideas

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It’s never too early or late to book a half-term cheap family holiday abroad. From chilling on the beach in Mexico to
catching the sun in the Canaries, Winter might still be around, But that doesn’t mean you have to :)
If Being cooped up indoors come half-term week in the damp wet English weather makes you
want to run for the sun, There are plenty of cheap holidays to book. The Med is still a bit cold in the
winter months, So picking the right place for warmth is a must. So I have picked the best of the bunch for


1. Lanzarote


Winter sun in the Canaries are a must :) With its beautiful volcanic scenery, Stunning cliffs and whopping
30 km of gorgeous clear beaches, Lanzarote gets the award for the most scenic island!


2. Tenerife


Tenerife is the Canary island with it all going on gorgeous big beaches, chic boutiques and a famous
volcano, Amazing nightlife and incredible water-sports to pick from. So it has something for everyone.


3. Mexico


Mexico, Known for world-class Travel experiences that range from scenic hiking trips to hardcore
mountaineering excursions up volcanoes. Whether you like snorkeling, Diving, kayaking, or maybe
surfing the coasts Mexico’s got what you need to get your adrenaline pumping. With so much to see, Do and
taste, It’s no wonder Mexico has an impressive 97% retention rate which’s Means that 97 percent of travelers
to Mexico say they definitely will come back.


4. Dominican Republic


Palm-Backed sands, Amazing mountains and attractions like ocean world make the Dom Rep’s northern shores a
favorite with families. You can also spot thousands of humpback whales here between January and March.


5. Goa


India’s smallest and prettiest State by far is edged with huge sweeps of white sand, While inland it’s
all about exotic wildlife and hidden temples. There are many shops and beautiful restaurants to choose from.

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