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Top 6 tips for better travel photography

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Travel photography opens up a whole new life, it captures the essence of life. If you`re exploring the coast of Monaco or sat in the mud in Kenya, great travel photography comes from from the way you approach the shoot. Below are some tips that can help capture fantastic pictures.

Lighting makes such a big difference

Wake up early and explore in a different light and change how you see the world. You will be able to see the mist lowering over the beautiful ocean and watching the sun crest over sleepy Parisian rooftops. If you do explore early you are sure to be rewarded. Another great time to explore is late afternoon, it has a name of the magic hour, this is when the sun hovers on the horizon and the world is exposed to the Midas touch this is another breath-taking time to get snapping on your camera.

Research your location


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If you research your destination before hand it will help you to get a feel for the place before you have arrive. A great way is to go on the internet and admire the images they have this helps to build familiarity and inspiration. A lot of people around the world have taken images of the Eiffel Tower, but if you research before you go you will learn to see it in a new light. To get into the wild don’t be shy to ask locals to point out their favorite spots.

Say hello

Some great travel pictures are taken of locals, capture the crinkled faces of Sicily, snap the smiles of the children in Taiwan and go to the market traders in Mozambique for some great snaps, this will bring emotion and human culture out in the pictures. You should learn how to say hello in the native tongue to be polite and you can greet the locals before taking their picture, this makes the process much friendlier.

Feel the place

You ignite all the senses by discovering the story behind a place, this will happen when you come out from behind the camera. For you to get a real feel of the place you are visiting you should taste the local food, visit the bright and bustling markets and laugh over a drink with the locals. All these unforgettable moments will help you to understand where you are and it will show it your photos.

Travel light

When you are exploring the world through travel photography make sure that you only bring only the essentials you need and travel light. Bringing only the basics like your camera, zoom lens and prime lens, this will give you the freedom you need to enter the dark heart of the jungle or hike the hills of Tibet without having a load of extra weight holding you back.

Find yourself a master

You will find a lot of travel photographers like to explore the globe alone, but you can learn a lot by watching someone else show their craft. So if there is a photographer whose work you admire, then assist them for a while to learn new skills to bring into your own world.


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