Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls

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Wailua Falls is the must-see waterfall to visit on the garden island of Kauai. Most properly because it is
the most easy waterfall to get access to. Many waterfalls on Kauai are either only accessible
by helicopter or on private land, But Wailua Falls in River State Park is very easy to
see, Marked very well on directions and also has a maganificent developed viewpoint.

Wailua Falls is a whopping 80 ft. high waterfall. It is really quite beautiful, With it dropping
in 3 separate segments. It is a single massive falls what it shows. Wailua Falls is the
waterfall that used to be shown on the old TV show, Fantasy Island. Also in ancient times men
used to dive off (over the falls) to prove their worthiness and strength. It
definitely is a spectacular maganificent waterfall. Best times to visit Wailua Falls is the early hours of
the morning before all the crowds come, Because it is a very popular tourist place. Come alone or acompanied,
before anyone else, Then it is much more pleasurable.

It is possible to get down to the base of Wailua Falls. With a turnout about a quarter mile before the
main viewpoint. There is a sign there indicates not
to proceed due to dangerous conditions. There is a steep trail right down to the bottom it is not
illegal to go down there. But I have not been down to the base so I cannot comment on the trail. It
is very steep and could be extremely slippery, More so if it has been raining.
You also need to cross the river at the bottom, That may be difficult or dangerous if the river is

On an interesting note, The height of Wailua Falls has been measured by state officials at about 80 ft.
high. But in the Kauai Revealed guidebook, The authors of that
book claim that they measured the height of Wailua Falls with a plumb line as being 173 ft. high (they say
they measured it twice!). However I must say that measurement is way off It sure looks to me that Wailua
Falls is right around 80 ft. high. Certainly nowhere near 173 ft. high. When I visit Kauai, I will be
measuring this one for sure :)    Wailua Falls

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