Setting Sail for a Seafaring Adventure

Setting Sail for a Seafaring Adventure

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You don’t have to own a yacht to sail the seven seas. It is possible to charter yachts in numerous locations around the world, or, if your budget won’t stretch to that, you may still be able to find work on a sailing vessel, either as personal staff, entertainment, tutor, chef or general dogsbody. No matter how hard you have to work while you do it, you are sure to still have plenty of time to enjoy your seafaring sailing adventure.

Setting Sail for a Seafaring Adventure

Setting Sail for a Seafaring Adventure

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First you will have to decide where you would like to go on the world’s seas and oceans. Do you want an icy adventure in the north or a balmy visit to temperate climes? Do you dream of rugged cliffs or tropical beaches, lush, forested coasts or arid land like something from another world? Do you want to hobnob with the great and good or party with the pack, or would you rather find yourself on a desert island without a soul to be seen? The only limiting factors are your ingenuity and imagination. The world is out there for you to explore.

There are of course certain dangers and difficulty inherent in sea travel. Maybe you have not yet found your sea legs. The weather may be bad and the course sometimes uncertain but with modern technology, things are safer than they have ever been and it is possible for people to pinpoint your position most if not all of the time. The world’s coastlines have been mapped, danger points revealed.

Much progress has been made since the days of sextants and ship’s artists and modern sailors and cartographers have the benefit of much modern technology and science. But exploration is no less exciting now than it was then and some things – the wind in the sails, the roll of the waves – never change. Feel strands linking back through time, joining you to generations of ancestors that have gone before who also travelled across water by harnessing the power of the wind.

There is also something very special about small islands – they can delight the eye, enchant the mind and rejuvenate the soul, wherever they are. Standing alone in the middle of water can give them a unique feel you will never find on the mainland. Imagine all the islands, many uninhabited, that you could visit on your travels – from snowy wastelands to Mediterranean wonderlands, to tropical paradises of the south island seas.

Today, most people holiday in the same places as everyone else. Mass tourism is not just a scourge on the planet and unsustainable, it is also a waste – just think of all those alternative travel options and destinations waiting to be discovered. Go your own way and you could have some amazing adventures on the seven seas. Set sail for excitement. Tack against the wind. Who wants to just sit elbow to elbow on a crowded beach when there are a whole world of beautiful beaches out there for you to explore.




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