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Best Cities in Europe for Live Music

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There are many musical cities throughout Europe, here are just five that are sure not to disappoint:


London has seen the birth of many a music scene. It is home to a range of musical venues, large and small, and it is easy to see why so many bands trying to make it in the industry are drawn to the bright lights of this vibrant capital. Live music is available pretty much all day and all night, in just about every genre of music you can imagine. You can also walk in the footsteps of some of the most important and influential bands in the UK, as you wander through London’s streets.


Berlin has long been regarded as one of Europe’s premier musical cities. Berlin’s trendy streets are crammed with underground electro clubs, cool jazz cafes, and live music venues catering to a range of musical tastes ranging from pop, to math rock to indie-goth. House and techno are still predominant in the city, but live music is on the rise, and indie rock, alt punk and Northern Soul are all currently particularly popular. Head to the areas of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Mitte to get to the heart of the action.


This city has energy and drive to its music scene. It is an all-night kind of a club scene, with good music on offer round the clock. Sala Apolo is a well known concert hall and nightclub, with a varied range of acts gracing the stage every night of the week, and Moog’s electronica draws an underground crowd. Razzmatazz is also a popular city centre club, which houses regular concerts as well as attracting top-class DJs. You’ll find an eclectic and interesting mix of musical styles in this Catalan Capital.


In the last decade or so a thriving artistic and musical scene has grown up in this beautiful historical city. For a taste of the musical scene in Rome, head for the night life centred around the Monte Testaccio. Throughout the city there are a range of music venues. Try Rashomon for an underground feel with a line-up of  electronica, electro-rock, indie and new wave. The Circolo degli Artisti is an extremely popular musical hang out, where there are concerts from Italian bands, and from small and medium-scale bands on the international alternative music circuit.


For a more sedate and less booming musical scene, Vienna has an excellent range of classical music concerts. The whole city lives and breaths classical music. But you may be surprised to hear that there is more to the musical life of this city than classical. There is a growing alternative music scene in the city. Try Flex, the leading indie venue and club in the city, or Cafe Espresso, who host indie music evenings, and also have an indie breakfast on the third Sunday of every month. The interesting Klub Ost caters to fans of world-music, fire-folk, jazz and blues, and there are also a number of electronica venues throughout the city.

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