Magaluf … don't make them look bad.

Best Places to Visit in Magaluf

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Best Places to Visit in Magaluf

Magaluf has been a major tourism resort in the Spanish island of Majorca for more than 40 years. Among all attractions you can find in the island including rock festivals, acrobatic performances, sea food, or uncut shows for 18+ only, people visit the island mainly for the beaches and nightlife. Magaluf is also a 30-minutes drive to Palma, where you can spend your cash in car-free streets in the biggest city in Majorca. The island can be easily divided into 4 parts: east, west, south, and north. Each part has plenty of fascinating places to visit as listed below.

1. Cala Minor

In the east coast of Majorca, the biggest tourist destination is Cala Minor. You can easily find restaurants, hotels, and cafes where you can enjoy direct view of the sea and Mediterranean. Even better, you will bump into plenty of boutiques, restaurants, and shops all across the beach. Among all tourism resorts in the entire East Coast, Cala Minor offers the largest and most crowded nightlife. Hotels in the northern side of the resort even have beautiful mountain views too. Getting around Cala Minor is easy that you can do it by foot, public transportation, cars, or mini train. While you are on the place, there are many things to do besides sitting back and enjoying the view. You can try some water sports such as snorkelling and banana boat rides. Taking cruises is also an interesting activity to experience sea views on submarine vision boats. Other activities include hiking and golf.

2. Cala D’Or

This resort is located in the South Majorca. Cala D’Or basically consists of 7 old-fashioned bays; six of them have their own small beach, while the seventh bay has a yacht harbour and luxurious restaurants. Cala D’Or is usually a quiet place, but it can be very crowded during the busiest months from July to August. There are many villas to spend some nights on the resort as well.

3. Puerto Alcudia

Puerto Alcudia is one of the attractions in the North Majorca. Puerto Alcudia is a beach filled with fine white sand that stretches as far as 7 kilometres. Water in the beach does not get to deep until up to 100m from the shore, making it an ideal resort for families with small children. For those who want more privacy, there is another stretch of beach called Playa de Muro where you can find plenty of sunbeds and a considerably quieter environment. Puerto Alcudia often features moderate wind speed creating perfect environment for windsurfing or kite surfing activities. An old town called Alcudia is located 1.5 kilometres to the northwest of the beach. It is filled mainly with old buildings such as fortified walls to give cultural contrast to the modern life.

4. Cala Mayor

It is located in the west coast and basically similar to Cala Minor (its southern counterpart). Cala Mayor is the oldest resort built for tourism purpose. There are hotels and restaurants surrounding the resort, and it is also only a short distance to the Palma by bus ride. The main road in Cala Mayor, called Avinguda de Joan Miro, is a busy line filled with transportation connections that can easily take you to other beautiful places in the west coast. TraveleZe for Cheap Holidays

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