The Best Destinations in Europe to Travel to on a Budget

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If you’re anything like us at TraveleZe, you’ve got the travel bug. Unfortunately, one side effect of the travel bug is a perpetually empty bank account. With proper planning, however, a reasonably budget doesn’t mean that you can’t travel. Here’s our list of some of the best places in Europe to travel to without blowing the bank.

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities you can get to on a budget. A stroll up Castle Hill and walk along the Danube River both make for beautiful sites. Budapest is famous for its hot baths, which are reasonably priced and make for a wonderfully relaxing day. The food is also exceptionally cheap, which is great because you’ll want to try everything.

Prague is a bit more expensive than Budapest, but its beauty and wonderful character make it worth it. Accommodations are relatively cheap, especially if you opt for one of the many hostels. With beautiful outdoor sights such as the Charles Bridge and the famous astronomical clock, you won’t need to spend much on sight-seeing. The food and beer are also delicious and cheap, both from street vendors and from restaurants.

With a beautiful stone castle and many winding cobblestone alleyways, Lisbon has all the old-world charm of better-known European capitals without the price tag. The city is situated on seven tiered hills overlooking a port, affording you with beautiful views everywhere you go. There are many high-quality hostels for almost unbelievably cheap prices, meaning you can stay for a couple of extra nights. Lisbon is also known for its delicious baked goods. There are incredible bakeries scattered all around its streets. Look out for Pasteis de Balem, Lisbon’s most famous bakery, and order a few of their signature pasteis, a small pastry resembling crème brulee – trust me, you’ll want more than one.

Krakow may be the cheapest travel destination on our list, but you won’t find it lacking. It has all of the main classic European draws: castles, cathedrals, town squares, and palaces. The main market square, Rynek Glówny, is full of vibrant, shops, cafes, and restaurants. Food and drinks are remarkably cheap, and you’ll find an abundance of affordable hostels and budget hotels to choose from. Perhaps best of all, Krakow has managed to avoid the large crowds of tourists present in many other cities, so you can really enjoy its character.

Croatia has been increasingly growing on Europeans’ radar as a fantastic Mediterranean getaway with affordable prices. There are plenty of great locations in Croatia to choose from, but Dubrovnik is still our favorite. It has the benefit of being right on the Adriatic Ocean, so visitors can enjoy some time on the beach. The city boasts an impressive skyline and a number of 700 year old buildings, including a beautiful Franciscan monastery. The most impressive site in Dubrovnik, however, is the city’s medieval walls, which will look familiar to Game of Thrones fans as the set of King’s Landing. Visitors can walk their entire length for just a few dollars. In fact, all of the sites in Dubrovnik are remarkably cheap. Accommodations are also reasonable as long as you’re willing to stay outside of the Old Town.

Berlin is a huge city with tons to do. There’s also a large variety of cheap accommodation, with some of the cheapest hostels in Europe. Make sure you read the reviews for quality and cleanliness, but you’ll be sure to find something that fits your budget. Berlin has a rich culture and a number of sites remembering its past, including the Murdered Jews Memorial and the remnants of the Berlin Wall, both of which you can see for free. There’s also a lively nightlife for those looking to enjoy some bars or clubs.

Another huge city, Istanbul has a lot to offer. Istanbul bridges Europe and Asia and therefore presents a rich and unique mix of cultures. The Hagia Sofia, one of Istanbul’s most famous attractions, is representative of this mix. Originally a Greek Orthodox Church, it later became an imperial mosque and is now open to visitors. Its ornate ceiling and walls are breath-taking. You can also find a vast array of decorations, local food, and gifts at the expansive Grand Bazaar. Food in Istanbul is cheap and delicious. We recommend trying Turkish delight while in the Bazaar or colorful Turkish toffee, which a street vendor will wrap up onto a stick for you. Istanbul also has a thriving nightlife and some bargain options for accommodation.

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