The 15 Most Amazing Canyons in the World

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1. Kings Canyon

With a breathtaking view of the desert, towering peaks and dead drop-offs, you can easily hike to the rim of the Canyon and follow the ridge for an awe inspiring day out. Take note that a section of the gorge is a sacred Aboriginal site and tourists are discouraged from leaving the beaten track.

2. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon



With a name like this it can only be Iceland – Created by Glaciers, Fjaðrárgljúfur reaches 100 m in depth and the ridge walks run for about 2 kilometers. It offers spectacular views down to the Fjaðrá River flowing through it.

3. Copper Canyon

Visitors can take the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway track through the Copper Canyon passing over 37 bridges and chugging through 86 tunnels. The ride takes you almost 2,400 meter (7,900 feet) above the sea level giving you an incredible view. The Copper Canyon is not actually a single canyon but a network of many gorges that amass to an area much larger and wider than the Grand Canyon itself.

4. Todra Gorge

If you head to the far east of the High Atlas Mountains you will come across the spectactular Todra Gorge. Strethcing an impressive distance, the gorge starts wide and narrows down to a slit in the landscape only 10 meters wide but still almost 160 meters high on both sides.

5. Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon is more than double the depth of the Grand Canyon, and runs along the Colca river making the walls of the Canyon less steep than the Grand Canyon. As well as amazing view’s, many travel to Colca to see the Andean condors flying close by on rising thermals due to the changes in air pressure.

6. Samaria Gorge

A Canyon found in the island of Crete, Samaria is a good 16 kilometers long and an incredible hike. SO impressive in fact that almost a quarter million people make the trail each year. It’s a 7 hour walk that passes through dense woodland and cuts very deep between the tremendous jagged Greek cliffs.

7. Waimea Canyon



This Canyon is said to be one of the most colorful gorges in the world. The canyon is almost 10 miles long and a mile wide. In places it reaches 3,600 feet in depth, from when it was carved by rivers from Mount Waialeale some thousands of years ago.

8. Antelope Canyon



Antelope is split into two crevices; Upper and Lower Antelope. Both similar in size, these Canyons draw so close in places that a human can touch both sides with their hands from the same spot. Antelope is one of the most photographed Canyons in the world with its orange and purple sandstone curves and magnificent changes in dimension.

9. Gorge du Verdon

25 kilometers in length and 700 meters high, the Verdon gorge rises out of the turquoise mirror of the Verdon River that flows through the south of France. This area is said to be one of Europe’s most beautiful rock formations, making it one of the most popular hot spots for walkers, rock climbers and those who love to partake in watersports.

10. Taroko Gorge

Close to the hard unforgiving coastline of Taiwan, Taroko Gorge is a draw for hundreds of thousands of tourists. You can walk the 19 kilometer rim and gaze down at the white-water rapids pushing through the crevice.

11. Tiger Leaping Gorge


flickr/Paolo Bertinetto

Carved into place by the Yangtze River, far in southwestern China, Tiger Leaping Gorge is around 9 miles long and passes through a series of the area’s most intimidating mountains. Many would say that this is the deepest canyon in the world but there have been arguments about what criteria was applied to measure the death of a canyon.

12. Fish River Canyon

Nearly 100 miles long and 550 meters deep, Fish River is immensely photogenic in certain lights and featured a full range of rock faces as dams hold back the running water showing recent wear.

13. Grand Canyon

Grend Canyon

flickr/Paolo Bertinetto

Carved deep into the rock by the Colorado River, situated in Arizona, The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most famous and largest canyons. At 277 miles in length and anywhere up to 18 miles in width the Grand Canyon is over a mile deep in places.

 14. Indus Gorge, Pakistan

Also said to be the deepest canyon in the world, The Indus river, one of Asia’s most powerful water movements The Indus river carved this gorge almost 5000 meters deep where it passes the through Nagan Parbat mountains.

15. Kali Gandaki Gorge

Found in the Himalayas of Nepal. It’s hard to state the depth of this gorge because of disagreements over the height of the rim but yet again some state that Kali Gandaki Gorge is the deepest gorge in the world. The Canyon splits between two huge peaks; 8,167 m drop off to the west and 8,091 m to the east. TraveleZe



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