The most impressive Mountain Viewpoints in the World

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1.Diamond Head –  Honolulu, Oahu


Image Source: traveltamed.com

Running along the rim of an inactive volcano, Diamond Head looks like a huge crater protruding from the water in almost every single photo you will see of the area surrounding Honolulu. Unlike many viewpoints you can drive to the top, but it is also possible to hike and take in some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean on your way to the perfect unobstructed landscape from the ridge itself.

  1. Auberge Du Soleil – Napa County, California

Best viewed through October and early September during grape harvest season, Auberge Du Soleil looks out over wine country like no other viewpoint. Winding paths, rolling hills and characteristic houses scatter across the countryside as the vineyards stretch out as far as the eye can see. Some say Napa County is best experienced after a large bottle of red, others prefer to drink after the long hike.

  1. Mount Everest – Nepal

Of course, one of the world’s most famous viewpoints; Mount Everest is the highest rock peak in the world. The summit is only accessible by climbing more than 29,000 meters to the top. Just over 150 people attempt this annually, mostly experienced mountaineers and rock climbers. Although experience is important, many have not made the trip and their bodies remain on the mountainside as, due to the extreme temperatures and altitude, recovery is not easy.

  1. Mount Fuji – Japan

Jutting out of the blanketed snow in the vast landscape of Japan, Mount Fuji is a natural artwork. As Japan’s most famous mountain, blackish in colour and towering into the clouds, many do not know that Mount Fuji is actually a volcano that has not been determined as inactive by professionals to date.

  1. Grand Canyon – American Southwest

Another must see bucket list viewpoint, the rim of the Grand Canyon provides the breath-taking view of the American Southwest. At 227 miles long and 18 miles wide, whether you gaze across the rolling landscape or down the ginormous ravine, you will not see a sight like this anywhere else in the world.

  1. Machu Picchu – Peru


Image Source: traveltamed.com

The reason for building the sprawling mass of architecture known as Machu Picchu is still unknown, but the view from the highest points is truly unbelievable. This “Lost City of the Incas” was not discovered until 1911 when archaeologists begin to explore the mountains and expose the wonders that were hidden generations before.

  1. Mount Baker – Washington State

Receiving more snow each year than any other mountain, not only in the US but in the world, Mount Baker explodes from low hills of Washington State making a true silhouette against that awe inspiring American sunset.

8. Table Mountain – South Africa

Just like a table, this flat topped mountain is said to be the most famous mountain in Africa, although this claim is sometimes disputed. If you’re feeling lazy you can take a cable car ride to the top, which does offer some awesome views, but the more scenic trail hiking to the summit will absolutely blow your mind.

  1. Glacier National Park – Montana


Image Source: traveltamed.com

Made up of 730 miles of hiking trails and some of the most incredible mountain views and scenery in the US, there are 26 glaciers in the Glacier National Park. Thick with snow in the wintertime visitors who are put off by sub-zero temperatures are encouraged to visit during the summer.

10.Banff National Park – Canada

The home of turquoise waters and the ‘Valley of the Ten Peaks’, Banff National Park boasts over 2,500 square miles of Canadian wilderness and is said to be the most beautiful mountain chains in existence.

  1. The Alps – Austria

Popular with skiers and snowboarders, The Alps are one of the best known mountain chain in the world. In the summer months hikers and rock climbers litter the foothills and tour guides offer hot air balloon rides over the jutting peaks and bellowing ravines.

  1. Lake Louise – Alberta, Canada


Image Source: traveltamed.com

A crater rim of towering mountain peaks, deep green pines and stark snow-capped summits surround a turquoise lake. Hike or climb to the very edge and gaze out in wonder as the sum hits the surface.

  1. Big Sur, California

One of those viewpoints that take your breath away no matter which direction you look in, Big Sur boasts rolling, concave mountains rooted with thick vegetation, views of the Pacific Ocean and pine trees as far as the eye can see.

  1. Thes – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Formed over eight million years ago, The Tetons are a very Rocky Mountain range and a world-class skiing holiday destination. Look down from the viewpoint to rough, scarred countryside that have appeared in several Hollywood movies and old westerners.

  1. Tantra Mountains – Poland

Reflected in the glassy surfaces of the surrounding lakes the Tantra Mountains are said to be some of the most unforgiving mountains in Europe, cold and glassy with a high wind chill and bitter seasons. This being said it does not draw from the spectacular views Tantra has to offer, bringing rock climbers and mountaineers from all over the world to experience it’s staggering drops and heights.

  1. Mount Kailash

A sacred mountain for five major religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Ayyavazhi and the Bön faith, Mount Kailash is in Tibet and famous as the mythological home of Lord Shiva. The final stop on a major pilgrimage, Kailash holds traditions going back thousands of years. It many believe that travelling around Mount Kailash by foot is a source of good fortune.


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