The Top 12 Boat Trip Destinations Worldwide

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  1. The Island Hopper, Greece


Image courtesy of flickr/GavinGilmour

This boat trip set up is a little DIY. As Greece has more coastline than any other country in Europe and boasts more than 1,400 islands, the trip can be as long, or as brief, as you wish.

There are a multitude of boat trips that run from one island to another, which makes it incredible easy to just hop on and off as you maraud this dramatically scenic country.

Expect a little bit of everything, from the Cyclades hard hot rocks jutting from the ocean to the lush tropical shoes of the Northeastern Islands. Take your time, be sure to indulge in the local delicacies and don’t miss out on the famous beach of Zakynthos.


  1. Halong Bay, Vietnam


Image courtesy of flickr/MariaHsu

The emerald waters in the young backpackers dream, the boat trips through Halong Bay are known well to all who step foot in South-east Asia, and for good reason.

With more than 3000 cliff edged limestone islands, speckled with beaches and caves, tourists are left speechless as they drift silently though this paradise.

Finding a tour isn’t a difficult task as over 300 boats await you on arrival, each seemingly cheaper than the last with a full menu of trips from four hour cliff jumping trips to ten hour party boats loaded with BBQ food.


  1. Kerala’s backwaters, India


Image courtesy of flickr/SarahandIain

Explore this incredible country by boat with tours through the backwaters lasting up to eight hours. The sprawling network of canals connect deep lagoons and join picturesque rivers offering you the ultimate cultural relaxation day out.

The vessel in question will be a small wooden boat, often still with fishing nets attached, which some find disconcerting but we all agree it adds to the experience.


  1. Disko Bay, Greenland

Okay we know its cold, and yes the name of the bay is very funny. Disko Bay is right on the edge of a huge ice Fjord that stretches for around 40 kilometers and churns out over 20 million tonnes of ice every day.

The momentous glaciers make their own way around the bay, and you, well you have to avoid them. It’s safe to say that a tour guide is necessary, as many icebergs are hidden from view and armored hull boats are recommended.


  1. Galapágos Islands, Ecuador


Image courtesy of flickr/CdOrobek

Warooo we know this is going to be good. The tropicana is in the name; Gol-a-po-gas!

Over 1000 kilometers from Equador this is a true nature trail, with everything from Sea Lions to Penguins, from Dolphins to something called a blue-footed booby… yup!

Live-aboard boat trips are recommended as a day trip would involve arriving and turning around to get back in time to fit in in a single day, but you’re in luck, there are plenty of tour operators who are willing to take you to their little slice of paradise!


  1. Seychelles Islands

Definitely a spot to charter your own boat, maybe get one of those big shiny yachts and pretend you’re a millionaire? The island of Seychelles, largely unspoiled, will calm your nerves, excite your eyes and put a lot of distance between you and your working life

If you’re into your scuba this is a great place to dive from the boat, or hire a skipper and just relax the whole way round. There are plenty of competent crews and yacht masters waiting for you.


  1. Amazon River, South America


Image courtesy of flickr/BrunaGirin

Yes it’s the amazing Amazon, from the high lands in Peru to the shores of Brazil, there are a hundered ways to travel this mammoth river.

Picture this; you’ve strung up your own hammock on a ‘slow boat’ as you watch the tropical metropolis go by. Maybe, just maybe, you’re a little bit classy; take a long motorboat and cut through the waters on your way to the mouth, through a slow that pushed twelve times the water as the Missisipi for a distance of over 6,200 kilometers. It’s fun to know that when you travel down the Amazon, there are many eyes on you, but you will rarely see the tribespeople or their settlements amongst the dense jungle.

  1. Franklin River, Australia


Image courtesy of flickr/Robnyejay

Wow haha this gets a bit crazy now, hold on to your hats because we’re going white water rafting!

This route has been described as treacherous, but as always a lot of fun. Smash through rapids on your rubber raft through Tasmania’s isolated scrubland wilderness. Of course there are a few rules in place, allowing only experienced rafters to take part. Keep in mind that although safety is an issue, the world belongs to you and nobody can stop you having a good time, if you feel comfortable I don’t see why you wouldn’t take a plunge.


  1. Milford Sound, New Zealand


Image courtesy of flickr/psychlove

This is by far the most visited fjord in New Zealands South Island, with towering sides, hot cliffs reflected in the still surface. You don’t have to fix the cruse yourself as multiple operators have worked out the best, most impressive and more cost effective trips through Milford Sound.

Expect an abundance of wildlife from Hoiho to yellow-eyes penguins. If you opt to take the overnight cruse you are in for a treat as many species of water and land based wildlife come out at night to hunt under the moon.


  1. Junk Cruise, Thailand

This is a specific trip between Krabi and Phuket, which lasts for up to six days.

Expect rare seabirds, hidden beaches, limestone stalactites, Dolphins, Sunsets, BBQ food and good music.

Keep in mind that although it is paradise, the Junk Cruise shares facilities such as showers and toilets, do not expect the standards of a yacht tour, but expect thrills as you explore some of the 3,500 island that make up the Marine Park of the Andaman Ocean.


  1. Lamu Island, Kenya

 The island of Lamu can be found just off the coast of Kenya, in a special spot mere minutes south of the equator.

A huge choice of boat trips can bring you through stone arches, marine parks, around towering turrets and all the way to Manda Island for a fresh fish BBQ.


  1. Évia Island Cruise, Greece

 Another Greek boat trip, the tour to this beautiful island is not so long as the mainland lies only 130 meters away. He culture is what really makes an impression as you circle the shoreline. Monasteries, villages and fishing posts litter the coastline as far as the eye can see.

Be sure to also explore the mainland, famous for its bustling towns and delicate foods, there are several interesting places to stay before you make the trip to Evia. TraveleZe



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