Top 10 Travel Projects to Watch

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We have entered into the confusing age of crowdfunding, a world where us; the ones at home. Fund them; the ones with dreams.

Now we take the second timid step, into Travel Crowdfunding, where us; the ones with dreams. Back them; the ones with experience.

In return, we can follow out dreams through others, through travel gadgets and gizmos and through a publishers eyes. Here I have put together my collection of the top crowdfunding Travel Projects to watch and support:

1. Coming in at number one is SCRUBBA, the backpack… erm, ahem, the washing machine. What? I was right the first time? Oh it’s both, it’s a backpack-washing machine. It’s lightweight, ultra-eco-friendly and then friendly dudes at Scrubba felt the need to point out that it’s weather proof. Well, it is a washing machine so I hope it can get a little soggy, but well done!

Take a closer look here.

2. Very intriguing and a little dangerous! Island Eyes is a true story told in the most fascinating way. Be sure to check out the excerpts of one boy who packed his bags and took that one way flight we all dream about, right into the hands of the Thai Mafia. He turned a man as the years went by, until one day running across an international border in a desperate bid for escape. An iconic adventure travel tale in the writing.

Take a closer look here.

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3. For the backpackers out there, you NEED to get yourself a Bearhug. The world’s warmest hoodie seems quite simple, layers and layers. More of an insulation to keep you cool when it’s hot out and warm when it’s cold, either way we thing Bearhug is ‘’cooler than the other side of the pillow’’. But warm. Sometimes.

Take a closer look here.

4. For the lunatics amongst you who feel that insatiable need to travel, stay safe. I introduce you to RIUTBAG! It’s quite simple yet very effective, a modern well designed travel bag subtly tweaked to deter opportunist criminals. Zips against your back, well concealed pockets and room for all your tech gear, we are excited about following Ruitbag to the finish line.

Take a closer look here.

5. Jetcomfy boast a promise to transform your ‘’worst flight ever’’ with their‘’best flight ever’’. A 16 function travel pillow that protects your neck and charges your iPhone… or something like that! Here’s a photo.jet

Take a closer look here.

6. Quite hard to ignore, a Coffee Cup made of Coffee. C2cup have used a coffee composite to form this travel mug and spurred by my love for recycling, I backed this project this morning!

Take a closer look here.

7. Weighitz has a funny name, but the product makes a lot of sense. If you’re weighing stuff; your luggage, yourself, your hands when you’re bored. DO you really want to add a huge heavy scale to the bag afterwards? How does one even weigh a scale to know if it’s pushed your baggage over the limit? This is okay, Weighitz is a tiny scale that tells us that it only weighs a third of a pound…useful.

Take a closer look here.

8. It’s an APP that I really hope takes off, although the odds seem to be a little stacked against these guys. It’s quite simple, you force your friends and family to fund your travels so you can leave NOW, not after some work. I love it!

Take a closer look here.

9. I know it’s another pillow, but this one is for sleepy people! I’m kidding, it’s different; this pillow covers your eyes and is designed by physiotherapists! Also big props for another eco-friendly project.

Take a closer look here.

10. Jawns is a very lightweight very convenient, travel wallet. Some cool .gifs explain how your cards, passport and all your notes slide away easily. I am always intrigues by an eco project, and Jawns are all 100% recycled material, epic!

Take a closer look here.



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